[Eng Trans] Full translation of Hyori’s call to Bommie


Maybee: A magic genie comes and tells you that he has the powers to change you into whoever you want! Who would Park Bom want to be?
M: Beyonce! Wow…and?!
B: And Lee Hyori unni!
M: Ahh, I see I see!
B: Yeah- both of them are artists that I really love. And my role models
M: Ahh…
B: I think they’re both really cool and admirable. And like with Hyori unni, I really love her fashion sense and admire her professionalism.
M: If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you have a chance to collab with Hyori for a CF?
B: Yeah
M: So when that happened, you didn’t have the chance to get closer to her?
B: Oh, we did…but ever since that CF was finished, I never really contacted her again…
M: What was so great about her?
B: She took care of me a lot during the entire process because I was new to everything, and taught me so many things like good ways to memorize the lyrics and lines and such
M: Haha yes, she’s a very considerate person as so. Oh, and here we have just received a phone call from somebody who wants to talk to someone here in particular. Shall we answer it? Hello?
Hyori: YO YO YO!

(Sandara gasping and looking way more shocked than Bom, rofl<3333)

2NE1: Ahnnyungha sae yo~ (respectful way of saying hello to an older/respected person)
H: Hiii
M: We’re at work and on the radio right now and have especially contacted you for our Park Bom here. *2NE1 cheers and Bom makes heart shape over head*
H: Actually not that long ago, I sent Bommie a text message after a really long time since we’ve talked. I wasn’t sure if she changed her number so just in case first I wrote: Is this Bom?… but there was no response after *radio station laughs*
B: …Yeah, I changed my number…
H: Ohhh, you did. Yeah, see- every time I try to contact my hoobaes (newbies), their numbers are changed.
B: *covers face* I’ll send you a text soon.
M: Hyori!

H: Yes!
B: Our Bommi here said that you’re her role model, and talked about you here and there a lot. Did you see that article about it?
H: Huh? I always see and read about Junghwa (Uhm Junghwa) unni…? I always see our 2NE1 girls talking about Junghwa and I honestly got a little jealous.
B: I always chose you. The only person I ever talked about was you *2NE1 says a Hyori cheering chant*
M: Hyori– Bom says that she wants to be just like you. If you were to give her advice on something good about yourself to be like, what would it be? Something that you would really want her to reflect off of about yourself.

H: Huh? But…to even say anything about her to be like me, they’re all doing so well for me to give advice. I always check every performance and everything that 2NE1’s been on *2NE1 amazed* and they don’t even seem like newbies to the industry and have amazing talent and they’re a group that I’ve become to really love. But if I had to say something for Bom, I think that she could be even better, even greater, and someone who can just be crazily awesome on stage if she wanted to but I think she’s just too shy! *Bom covers face<33* Yeah, so…she should you know, drink a little *2NE1 laughs*, go out and party and play some more, go to clubs, date a lot of guys, kind of adapt a more free lifestyle without having to keep yourself in so much. You know? Try on different clothes, try on different kinds of make-up– if you became a little more free and more open…I think you can become a Bom that’s a million times more charasmatic than you are now.
M: Mmm- so gain more confidence
H: Yeah, throw away that shyness..and don’t be the nice girl
B: *makes fists* I’ll become a bad girl!
H: Yeah, like me! Haha
M: Then if there was something about Lee Hyori that you WOULDN’T want Bom to be like?
H: Mmmmmm…to end up crying while you’re drinking…like drinking too much
*radio station laughs*

H: To live freely, but with boundaries! There you go
M: Ahhh yes, Hyori always gives her hoobaes good advice like this- I get a lot of comfort and advice from you too
H: Yes, I give you kind of a lot of advice LOL
M: (to 2NE1) Yeah, she doesn’t even say them in long sentences– just like: STOP IT!
H: Yeah- in a phrase
M: In a word
H: Aww, you’re so lucky you get to hang out and see 2NE1
M: I know- it’s so cool XD Haha. Okay well lastly, Bom- is there anything else you want to say to Hyori unni?
B: Ah, yes…Unni, I’ll contact you really soon so…

H: Yes, please. I got really sad while waiting for your no-response
B: *laughs* Unni…let’s go drinking together…
Sandara on the side to Bom: (quietly) Take me too…
Maybee to Bom: You’re very lucky, it’s a really hard thing to receive- a text from Hyori.

H: Yeah cus I saw their second single and thought that Bom improved so much from the first so I texted that to her and…wondered where it went after awhile… (cus she got no response)
M: Hahaha well I guess someone else got it. They got it and were probably just like, “Okay…yeah…2NE1’s good…?” Haha
M: Anyway, Hyori! Thank you so much for this and-

H: Oh no no. I’ve seen them working so hard and always wanted to tell them that I’m rooting for them, and want to say that not just Bom but CL, Sandara Park, and the baby (lol) that-
M: Minji~
H: Yeah, Minji…that I think you guys are all really amazing and that I have high hopes for you that you become big stars and a large icon that will proudly represent our country well.
M: Ah yes, 2NE1, can we give Hyori a round of appreciation applause
*2NE1 cheers*
M: Thank you, Hyori- and I’ll call you later!

– call ends-

Maybee: Wow, Bom- just a minute ago you were all shy like, “…okay unni I’ll call you…” but look at you so ecstatic.
Bom: Yeah, I kind of love Hyori unni a lot<3


//credits to scribbles*@soompi.com //
.…Thank You so much scribbles* ❤

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  1. Ahh… so that’s what they were saying. lol. My translation’s really off. lol. *embarrassed* You guys can edit my translation, and you don’t have to credit me. lol. Thanks aska15, for the translation! 🙂

    • mandu ❤ ….no no no don't be. I thought your translation was great. I got the same feel from both translations.

      But gosh hyori always talk so much so fast..and she mumbles sometimes too lol. Don't know how you guys translate….anyways I love your work mandu. You're an awesome translator = )

      btw..you can just call me aska…saves you from typing 2 extra letters next time 😛

      • Hee, thanks for your encouragement. 🙂 I still have a lot to learn. But yea, I’m glad I joined you guys. lol. ^^

  2. Mandu unnie, dont worry, be positive, if we dont have you, we cant understand stuff , so youre the best, dont worry, ofcourse scribbles* too, thank you susie, ahhhhhh BOM is cutem BUT you guys know that in my heart there is only one room for HYORI right, it’s HYORISH baby.

  3. aww bom so cute , and lol @ Dara
    that so nice of Hyori 2 call in and talk 2 Bomi

  4. thanks for the translation! 😀

  5. thx mandu nooona….and susie!!!…those trans really made my day!!

  6. hahaha….Hyori tell Bom to drink and become bad girl. LOL!
    i would like to hv unnie like Hyori. will be so much fun XD

  7. original sexy bad girl .. xD

  8. Thank you for the translation,.. i love the both artist,.. thank you so much

  9. […] Bagi yang nggak ngerti percakapan Lee Hyo Ri dan 2NE1 di atas bisa nonton sambil baca terjemahannya DI SINI […]

    • ^ Please in the future use English to reply.
      This is an English blog. Thank you.

      • i’m sorry…
        it’s a pingback…
        my blog is in Indonesian language…
        will be carefully used it in the future… ^^

  10. haha i love hyori 😀
    she’s so outgoing .. and i knew they were probably close from the mv they filmed together xD

  11. […] know Hyori is big fan of 2NE1 and Dara was particularly super excited when Hyori made that phone call to Bommie at Maybee’s radio show a while back. So I think she’s a Hyori fan too. Hyori’s probably gonna go crazzzy […]

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