[CAP] Hyori – MBC ‘Come To Play’ (6P)

– CAP –

Come To Play

(July 20, 2009)

JS oppa didn’t tease her like in FO LOL

Maybe because nation fairy changed to sexy hyori ? 😛 keke

Our W. talk alot (as usual) ,, and seem close with PSY now ^^

Ps. Have EunRi & DanRi too 😀

Of course.. she’s beautiful kekeke xD




Guys.. dont ask about sub.. because we dont know.. we are going to sub or not

We have only one kor>eng translator! Let us think first

please 🙂


4 Responses

  1. lol.i was about to ask…bt its fine,understandable.thanks!!!

  2. oh so pretty on this show…love these caps

  3. i hope you do decide to sub it. it would be great.

    HYO RI JJANG!!! >.<

  4. I wish somebody sub this show in English!!

    I do not understand what they say at all
    …but it must be really funny!!

    Gosh!! =\

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