[News] Lee Hyori, trick for an unbreakable popularity “a dignified smile”

>> Lee Hyori ‘s smile <<

:: July 20,2009 ::


Sexy diva Lee Hyori has been added a nickname of “smile girl” just because she has a charming smile.

Professionals called her with the nickname of “smile girl” because Lee Hyori has at any moment a confident smile, a Seoul orthodontic hospital Kim Jin Hwan director said “Lee Hyori’s smile gives at any time and anywhere a intimate feeling, she has a strong charm that let people fell into it.”
In research done in Lee Hyori fan cafe and entertainment sites, persons interviewed said “none flaws can be found in Lee Hyori smile, this is the part I envy the most”, “Lee Hyori’s smile at any moment anywhere let people feel that she’s very confident, I really like and I am very envious that she gives people a comfortable feeling and a confident side”, “one of the reasons that she is the superstar is her dignified smile”.

Now Lee Hyori is spreading her charm in diverse CFs, in SBS FO the audience enjoys her real face .

Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

11 Responses

  1. totally my hyori noona!!..hyori’s self confidence is alrd known 2 every1..plus with that shining smile…who is dumb enuf not to love her?!!

  2. Love that smile, that’s what caught my eye the first time I saw her….besides that sexy hyobod ; p

  3. thanks Startoxic ^^
    they need post a new about “Dignified Eyes” too 😛

  4. I love her smile too , she is my baby forever .!!!!
    i want her to be my wife or girlfriend . and i will cook for her and clean ,and do laundry .

  5. Love her smile in my avatar

  6. perfect smile that melts my heart!

  7. Yup!!!
    love her smile

  8. SMILE EYES!!!!!!!! 😀

  9. Powerful of Charming smile !!! xD

  10. unique…lol

  11. yeah… i really love her, when she’s smiling and her eyes disappear.

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