[PIC] Come To Play with 79-ers (13P)


6 Responses

  1. wooooooooooooooot i can’t wait to see this come to play ep with subs^^

  2. Can’t wait! But Ash, where do u see EJW in the last pic???

  3. you guys see the poster behind jaesuk?? girlfriends 31,keke. And I can see Eun Ji won is totally excited, in the last picture if you notice. he looks at our queen,keke. I cant wait to see this, Hyori is the best!
    alice, eun ji won is the one in white who sat next to maybee, hahaha he was looking at hyori, lol, new skin for the comments, so many stars, i love it, pink pink and pink

  4. Eh? The pic wasn’t like that when I first commented!
    Weird. Now I totally can see EJW. lol

  5. this week right ???

    cant wait !!

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