[GIF] Hyori – Come To Play (16G)

– GIF –

Come To Play

(July 20, 2009)








7 Responses

  1. sooooo cute, i love those moon eyes in the 1st picsss, haha that YO YO is so funny and the gif with park shi yeon is funny too,haha
    thanks , mercie, gracias, Danke, Dank je wel, kamsahamida , barbie

  2. Me too ash…that Yo Yo and the PSY gif are my faves too!
    Hyori so gorgeous.

  3. thanks barbie
    love the yoyo.. gif too

  4. thank you guys so much^^
    1st pic is the bigest gif i’ve saved,keke
    I love the way they add fire on those pics^^ And i love her hairs like that ^^

  5. The yoyoyo gif reminds me so much of her rap on the FO episode with Top as the guest. Haha! Thanks for this

  6. hyori is soo pretty 😀

  7. love them!

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