[PIC] Hyori in front of a hotel in China + At Incheon,KR airport (11P)(1G)

(July 23, 2009)








Credit: ICFINKL,Hyolee Together

12 Responses

  1. Her smile and pink pillow are so kute . But her shirt make me think about a clown

  2. I suppose the leopard print suitcase is hers.. haha

  3. hippy style ^^ Love her smile,keke

  4. hehe, she looks really happy ^^

  5. Love to see the smile
    hahahh with the handband…looks like G-Dragon

    is that an iPhone?

  6. hp looks like an anycall…and she seems relaxed!!.like carefree..weird shirt i must say…but stil,i love my hyori noona!

  7. what is the thing around her head?? aha but i love her, so i love every thing she has on, i cant wait for this, she has too much luggages for 5 days,haha ofcourse it’s hyorish baby

  8. It’s already been 5 days?? Time flies!
    She’s experimenting hippy style? Don’t really like it but she still looks cute.

  9. Aw, her pink pillow is cute. ^^ And her PINK brand bags. She likes that brand a lot eh? ^^

    I don’t really like the dress so much, but she does look cute anyway. Especially with her headband. Hehehe c:

  10. lovely smile.. ^^

  11. lol hippy~

  12. LOL Hippy hyori 😀 so cute..

    ANYCALL!! (SCH-W550/5500) xD

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