[PIC] Hyori & Wilber Pan in China (5P) *update*(+2P)

(July 23, 2009)

Yike!~ another couple? What are they doing!

holding hand 😛

(July 24, 2009)

More hand holding  :p


13 Responses

  1. Oh yea! This looks like hip hop style right?
    So excited….ooooh holding hands i see.

    I want to see a kissing scene too keke ^__^
    I want another Ri couple to start shipping too.

  2. thanks ^^
    Unnie pretty like always
    The last pic looks funny, keke
    @Aska: NO KISS,lol, holding hand is to much,keke

  3. @larch89
    agreeeee, NOOOOOO KISS please, NONOOOOOO
    holding hands is too much, yes agree
    but if hyori has her heels on, he looks quite ok for her,haha cause i see that he is 1m7…something tall, while daniel or BI are above 1m80…something

  4. can’t wait for this!!! yaaaaaaay!

  5. they are holding hands…..! lol. what are they doing btw?

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhh…….
    I can’t wait for this……

  7. I think in these pics, they are rehearsing the dance moves or someting. Because Hyori has a blanket tied to her waist.

    I thought it was her dress and I got scared because it looks weird. haha

  8. did i see them holding hand

    cant wait im so excited 4 this

  9. woow,,i can’t wait >.<

  10. 0_0

    holding hand …….

    cant wait ^^

  11. omg i love these dramas ><

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