[PIC] Superstar K premiered {Poster+CAP} (3P)


9 Responses

  1. Love the poster…love hyori in white. Looks like she’s going to the prom or a ball….pretty.

    That mnet link doesn’t work for me bubi….maybe I’m just not doing something right. Oh well, I wait for you to rip it somehow :p

    • Dang! I can’t watch too! wth @#$%^ hahaha
      and i can’t rip LOL .. Mnet made m.m angry now

      and our w. so luxurious! Today me lock her with that white dress 😛

  2. 1st!…man,the dress is killing me softly~~..or isit the hawt chic wearing it?…keke…one word..BEAUTIFUL…

    • na na a na nah….I beat sky :p

      Arrrgg I want to she her in motion in that dress.

      • how can this be..wen i open the page,no comment..after i comment,ur comment above….keke…its a week alrd…and im waitin for my half scoop!1

  3. Wao our Hyori is so luxurious!! ^^
    Limo + white long sexy dress= nosebleed! keke

  4. LOL you guys know that I was shocked when i saw her in that dress? hahah shocked shocked cause she was too sexy, LOL
    and her low motion, woowow sexy baby

  5. wow! so gorgeous 😀

  6. hyori looks SO GORGEOUS in the limo…. but i really don’t like the poster shot. bad angle >_<

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