[CAP/DL] Hyori – Family Outing Ep.57 + Preview (4P/3G)

– Cap&Gif –

Family Outing Ep.57

(July 26, 2009)

salrang salrang salrang….

Hyori’s got the Fire baby…boom boom boom…you gotta drop it like it’s hot

salrang salrang salrang now hit the door  ; P kekeke

Shi Yeon’s got big nerd glasses too…they too cute<3

buns buns buns = )



Torrent | MF | MU |

cute_girl,mac,Ishida21 (@soompi)


Next Week Preview

> Song Ji Hyo <

(Ep. 58)

Yikes! it’s a horror fest… (too scary for little kiddie^_^)


7 Responses

  1. Holy cow !!!
    I am scared …….lol !!!
    but Hyori makes me very brave .
    i am afraid of heart attack , because of some scary stuff happening there ..

  2. Haha Hyori so cute dancing to 2NE1 Fire!!

  3. LOL 2NE1!!!!!!!!!!!!

    W.! Are you a fan of YGEnt 😛 keke
    they all 3 buns! dang CUTE ><

    and arrrrrrrr… PSY & HR!!!!!! xD LOVE these two together now!
    Riyeon? hahaha

    Thank you.. for your hard work these day.. feel like you did all like m.m now haha.. how is it? blab 😛 good job K.
    Give w. to you today.. m.m will let her go T_T but just 1 day

    • You give w. to me today…she will never want to leave k. 😛

      kiddie scoop// Hyori signs with YG Ent next contract!
      Dae dae emailed me this is true 😀

      • She will end up with crying.. need you boobieeeeeee
        W : “kiddy now too crazy snsd more than me.. i hate you!!”

        m.m scoop// Daedae call m.m.. he said her mini album before (4th album) will be hip hop style..feat big bang.. song wrote by kook jong ~~its true!

  4. soo cuteeeeee
    hyori and shi yeon are so cutee, this is the 1st time shi yeon looks like a big sis to hyori, LOL,haha
    and it’s my queen, it’s fire baby, hyori GO, she is so cute
    i dont like horror movies, how will i be able to watch next week’s ep?

  5. hahaha
    the pics look funny
    can’t wait to watch it subbed

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