[News] Lee Hyori becomes the new Korean model for GUESS Jeans

>> Lee Hyori is GUESS new model<<

:: July 27, 2009::


Sexy diva Lee Hyori becomes the new model for the international denim brand Guess Jeans, for the second half of the year they will focus on Asia.

Guess Korea marketing director declared on July 27 “the other celebrities don’t have the sexy charisma and the fantastic bodyline of Lee Hyori, we think she is the perfect choice for the hot and sexy line RED”.
Lee Hyori is not only famous in Korea but also overseas through the Hallyu wave. Lee Hyori who usually likes to wear jeans said “I’ve seen international models such as Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Drew Barrymore etc attenting Guess promotion activities, I also want to challenge myself, I’m very anticipating this project”.

With sexy icon Lee Hyori as the model for the sexy denim Guess RED, it would be find in Guess stores starting mid-August.

Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

//Do you remember Hyori’s photoshoot for Calvin Klein back then in 2007?? It was one hot and sexy campaign! I can’t wait to see the new campaign for GUESS. I like the name of the line she’s endorsing: RED! This is the color of our Hyori! Keke so appropriate. ^^


16 Responses

  1. thanks so much for the translation

  2. @alice
    sure, I remembered those pics of Calvin Klein which she did 2 years ago, OMG soooo HOT and sexy, I love her wearings jeans, she looks so sexy in jeans

  3. GUESS…wow,and i thot hyori wil do less n lesser clothes endorsements…HYORI JJANG!

  4. Is that pic for CK or Guess? There’s like a CK word on it

  5. i think its for CK..

  6. I can’t stand wating for her Guess’s shoot . She ‘s very sexy and personality in CK last shoot . Futhermore I want to have her jean too

  7. omfgggg i loved the CK shoots 😀
    cant wait for this 😛

  8. that calvin klein ad was absolutely unforgettable! she’s gonna rock this guess ad too — i just know it!!! XD

  9. CAN’T WAIT!! oh!! our hyori stop drinking and active now
    we will busy soon =P

    Sexy in jeans ! >< aeehh
    LOL @sky.. me too! lesser clothes O_o! where's kiddie.. u love it?

  10. […] Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com […]

  11. Oh Yea! I love it m.m 😀
    CK was hot….oh I can’t wait for this to come out.
    I hope they make CFs for this! It’ll be a hot hot issue.

    Did they have a CF when she model for CK or they just did print ads? Anyways….Guess RED FTW!

  12. wow, thanks so much for the translation
    RED HYORI,keke

  13. can’t wait to see the photoshoots

  14. Yay, more pictures to come!! I wonder if the RED signifies the same meaning as Gap’s RED line. That would be awesome and inspirational if it brings more awareness!! ^_^

  15. you are freaking hot and gorgeous.Damn beautiful.i like you.wish you were my gf.

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