[News] “Superstar K” Lee Hyori and Lee Seung Chul’s effect? Ratings big success.

>> Lee Hyori’s effect<<

:: July 27, 2009::


“Superstar K” Lee Hyori, Lee Seung Chul effect? Ratings big success.

“Venomous snake” Lee Seung Chul, “Dancing queen” Lee Hyori’s effect?
Nationwide searching for a star program ” SUPERSTAR K” ratings are a big success.

AGB company stated that “SUPERSTAR K” aired on July 24th gathered 2,93% of viewership. To a cable channel which ratings could only reach 1%, this program can be entitled as as “hot selling program”, nearing a 3% viewership is very high.
Especially since “Superstar K” isn’t like an usual cable channel program in which celebrities’ life is revealed or an exciting program, this result is really rare.

A netizen left a message on the program board which says “while watching the show, it looks like I’m the contestant, I laugh and cry with them”.
“SSK” impressive result is mainly thanks to the judges Lee Hyori, Lee Seung Chul and In Sooni, their “calm judgement” was useful to make the right decisions.
“SSK”, the show which attracted 700 thousand people to compete against each other, airs every Friday on MNET at 11pm.

Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com


7 Responses

  1. Hyori’s effect make me remember Hyori’s image in FO 🙂

  2. hyori effect works everywhere…i love it whenever shes on tv,the ratings go up up UP!

  3. gathered 2,93% of viewership ? I don’t get this part cause the latter part of the article states that its viewership rating is 3%

  4. oh 2.93% got it thanks 🙂

  5. yessssss hyori’s effect, ratings up upppp

  6. hyori effect baby!

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