[News] Lee Hyori double personality in Hyundai CF

>> Lee Hyori 2 roles in Hyundai CF <<

:: July 28, 2009::


Singer Lee Hyori is going to act 2 roles: an office lady and a dancing queen, in the Hyundai CF to be out in September. Sexy queen Lee Hyori will use her 2 faces to shake China.

In the Hyundai i30 CF which will air in September all over China, Lee Hyori will appear under a lot of images to meet her Chinese fans. During the day, she’s an office lady and at night, she transforms into a dancing queen of a club.
Even though it is the same person, her personnality is very different. In order to act 2 different roles, Lee Hyori strictly chose more than 10 outfits, showing Korea top and unique sense of fashion.

Lee Hyori’s staff were working hard to express the numerous aspects of Lee Hyori: “sexy, pure, lively”. Only for this CF, she needed more than 2 luggages to fit all the outfits and accessories.

Chinese people who work in the fashion industry expressed “it is a style that China doesn’t have”, they are very interested by Lee Hyori’s sense of fashion, and said “Lee Hyori’s style  is surely going to attract a lot of interest after the CF airs”.

This CF brings music, dance and fashion together , according to the Anymotion director Cha Eun Taek, this CF is going to be even more attractive.
Lee Hyori finished the filming in China on the 23rd and returned to Korea. The CF still has some scenes to be filmed in mid-August and will air in China in the beginning of September.


Translation: startoxic | hyoleesub.wordpress.com

//I bet you guys don’t remember she already did a CF for Hyundai in the past. Honestly I didn’t remember too, but I randomly fell on it today and it was a very simple CF but still cute. Here to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IAUeRdHmqg

14 Responses

  1. Thanks for the news
    Unnie is trendsetter ^^
    This CF ‘ll be a BIG HIT for sure

  2. September October are going to be a crazy for us

  3. the rest of 2009 is going to be a BOMB
    OMG i love this kind of characters., so this is one of the reason why i want to watch this MV right nowww
    I love seeing hyori acts the story line sounds so interesting.

  4. thanks for the new
    can’t wait for this MV

  5. Lot’s of her comeback this end of year…
    can’t wait too

  6. OMG…hyori gonna act my dream wife’s personality…by day,sweet n gentle..by nite…keke,u guys can guess…its gonna be hyori-fic year for us!!

  7. thanks for the information. Wow, that’s a lot of outfits! I can’t wait to see them! I also can’t wait to see her playing two different roles!

  8. OMG ! I can’t stand waiting for her CF

  9. now i remember it, this story line sounds like the movie, 2 faces girlfriend, the girlfriend has 2 different persons in her body, by day she is so sweet, but at night she is a crazy girl who likes to drunk, party and not afraid of guys, her bf suffered a lot because of her,haha
    anw isnt the CF with lee dong gun in if in love like them tucson or hyundai too, alice?? NO?

  10. Hahaha nerd by day naughty by night….my kind of girl lol.
    Can’t wait to check out all the outfits too, this mv sounds

    @ashlee…i think that cf was a hyundai tucson suv

  11. […] Translation: startoxic | hyoleesub.wordpress.com […]

  12. […] in mid-August and will air in China in the beginning of September. Translation: startoxic | hyoleesub.wordpress.com Credit: AsianFanatics __________________ ~VOICE OF SOUL ~ KIM KYUNG ROK … . [V.O.S Thread] […]

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