[PIC] Hyori and Family {Family Outing Ep.60} (10P)

Guest: Choi Soo Jong



6 Responses

  1. those pics look like they were taken by a hyori’s stalker,haha
    you can see hyori in every pic, i see hyori with shi yeon, daeRi, and hae jin behind hyori, I loveeeeeee her shirt

  2. I read on kpop that it was SONG JI HYO as guest lol..how did it end up as Choi Soo Jong. Just some confusion lol.. i don’t really know either of them

  3. Oh i think it was for 58 and 59 lol..my bad sorry

  4. hyori’s hoodie looks cute,
    but man another actor again….and another guest i don’t know…
    some idol singer would be cool ^_^

  5. yup
    i like her hoodie too

  6. Where is her nation’s sibling ?

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