[HLS’ Trans] Lee Hyori’s message (2009.07.29)

Lee Hyori

Message Tο Fans

:: July 29, 2009::

Click Image- 100%

Source: hyolee79@Daum <cafe>

Translation: startoxic | hyoleessubs.wordpress.com

Design: Thanks…Hyori’s fan (?)


23 Responses

  1. OMG first time reading her mess, it’s so cool
    i’m happy about the kiss, but i;m sad about her album, anw, i will wait for hyori, i wont trust news which is not said by her. huhuhuh

  2. interesting info!!!!!

  3. this is also my first time reading her message 😀
    i feel happy for her, i hope she’ll be successful in everything she does

  4. that’s so sweet of her! ^___^
    i knew she was preparing songs,and may be writing some,im happy the album will come out this year,even if it’s not on october,i’ll be happy if it’s this year!

    thanks a guys for the news!♥

  5. 1st time reading her message…
    Hope her comeback will become more successful
    Take your time…my queen
    thanks hyori’s fan

  6. source?

  7. aww so cute! Thanks for the translation!! I can totally see her doing those smileys!! ^_^

  8. oh… im so into hyori… i love you hyori…

  9. keke.. hyori nuna.. why u leave message to your fans like 2 times a year… we wait like forever 😛 haha

    so we should not trust reporter if you are not said by yourself right? >< cute…
    And that kiss.. no way! jealous is jealous.. LOL

    About you album..We can wait til next year.. it fine .. don't rush
    LOVE YOU ^^

    HYOLEE Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @Aska…

    Are you sure ?
    Hyolee79 ? How can i leave her a message there ?
    i wanna say that i love her there and that i wanna marry her too ..LoL !!!

    • Like barbie said, you pretty have to have a korean citizen id to access these websites.
      Lol you should have told her you wanted to marry her when you saw her in N.Y. 😀

  11. Maybe not marry , since i am poor . I went there , and i don’t understand anything ..cause its in Korean language .

    Oh..poor me ..!

    • keke islet .. you have to regis there first and fill the form about hyori in korean and must be high level to see hyori’s message but the most important is you need to hv id korean citizen first to join the cafe !! arrrr~~~~~~ so many

  12. ^Ah…Thanks Barbie !!!!!

    I am so sad ..

  13. wow..im slow..but great msg esp at times like this…hope she dont rushes anythin lol..me hope for a quality album too..n mayb its reli jz a peck..like top’s one…pics can be deceiving…neways,go hyori GO!!

  14. Wow this is my first time reading her message too. Way cool!

    So the kiss is more like a peck…now we can all breathe easier now right ….phew ^_^
    Can’t wait for the album….whenever it comes out. Hyori Fighting!

  15. Thank you for your translation. I really love hyori. She always care about her fans. Hyori Fighting!

  16. thank you for the translation
    Can’t wait for her comeback
    it’s so long

  17. thanks for the translation,keke
    the weather is so hot, but Unnie is HOTTER,lol. You make China boiling,keke. You set the roof on fire baby,lol
    Although unnie said it’s a short peck, but……………..”Kookjoong, take back your wife”lol

  18. OMG I can’t wait for comeback (which is weird because she hadn’t gone anywhere LOL).

    I hope she is doing well in China.


  19. This is awesome!! it is good that we just believe in what she says, not the reporters! XD

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