[HR’Talk] Netizens reactions to Hyori & Wilber kiss

KR Netizens reactions to Pic of Hyori and Wilber Pan’s Kiss

“please get this guy some manliness, get him jong kook”

“if only it was jong kook at his place,it would be better for us and hyori”

“oh Daniel gonna beat up that dude good”

“joong kookaaaaaaaaah!where are you?”

“im envious ..*sigh*”

“poor hyori noona, i feel bad for her, really, it must have been hard kissing that”

“that guy is not manly, I feel nothing while looking at him”

”that guy is short”

“i hate seeing hyori kissing a guy, i want my hyori back

“i cant look at that picture, hyoriyaaaaaaa”

“what is that smell? baby’s lotion? hyori is not your mom, go away”

“this guy sucks, it’s hyori!hyori!”

“ohhh this guy is going down !!!”

“i cant even look at this guy anymore, or I may lose my temper “

“he is cheap, she dated the hottest”

“hyori and Top already did it (the kiss),im not amazed by this, it’s meaningless”

“im crying,really”

“jong kook,come and take back your wife” kekeke!

“these days Hyori is not picky, it’s a pity though, she was hot…getting old may be?”

“no, she cant, please hyori dont” XD

“this guy looks like park hyun bin”

“it’s a baby, he is not even a man and receiving a kiss from the queen,why WHY?”

“this is just not happening, hyori and Top’s kiss was a piece of art, it’s a legend….this sucks”

“this is not a kiss, it’s like when i kiss my grandma”

“who the hell is that guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those lips are NOT yours!!!!!!!!! damn…………”

“this is frustrating,her kiss with TOP was full of charisma and grace”

“who is he anyway? i don’t get him”

“this is so weak, poor hyori”

“hyori seems awkward”

“you, newspaper are making a fuss for nothing”

“i wonder how jong kook will react”

// Lol their reactions are not too surprising…  😀

keke this topic for only hyori’s fan.. for have fun with there reaction ^^ so funny

I have to say.. Most of them dont know Wilber Pan..  and they love their people

So Wilber Pan’s fan <No Bashing> here!


From http://news.nate.com/view/20090728n15260

Translated by Yoojin


17 Responses

  1. i love the one with daniel, hahhaha
    Kookri’s fans were funny,LOL
    ” my hyori is so innocent, you cant hyori, come back hyori, daniel is waiting for you, what if daniel sees this?”

  2. LoL ..i am jealous of that dude too !!!!
    Hyori should kiss me instead , not that man .
    I want kiss too . !!!!

  3. Oh shit ….i posted with my non word press .

    But like i said above . I need a kiss from Hyori too .
    She has beautiful lips . But i am not a good kisser , cause i am shy …!!!!!!

  4. lol these comments are hilarious!
    they are pushing willpan down like he’s dirt ..
    he’s pretty famous too!
    although i would prefer hyori with a korean celebrity 😀

  5. if u guys rmb the vid of hyori and niece…
    hyori: which part of me u like most?
    niece: ur face
    hyori : wer on my face?
    niece: lips!
    ….lol….me too!!!…

  6. haha i see many kookri fans like me…
    i like this one…”jong kook,come and take back your wife”

    my muscle monster jong kook-ie would destroy wilber ^_^

  7. hha, many KookRi fans. they make i love Kookri more.lol
    I love this one : Joong Kook, come and take back your wife” 😛

  8. “what is that smell? baby’s lotion? hyori is not your mom, go away”
    This comment is pretty creative. Haha! Although a little insulting to our Queen, but nonethless..nice comment. lol

  9. LOL. there are soooo many KookRi fans! its adorable ❤

    and i agree, the TopHyol kiss was full of charisma kekeke 😛

  10. Yeah Kim Joon Kook is better for her , cause he has manly muscles . He can protect her with his muscles . But Daneil Henney maybe better . He works out too i think !!!

  11. hahaha… love all those reaction from netizens… lol

  12. Well, maybe they are angry bcos Wilber said he didn’t fee anything kissing Hyori-
    They don’t know how popular Wilber is in China and if his fan read this, Hyrori chances to make a name there ehmm-good luck then. I’m afraid his fans and chinese media will say lots of bad thing about Hyori, even now lots his fans not happy with this collaboration.

  13. lol netizenz reaction
    i wish it was Daniel henney instead

  14. those fans really really need to get out more. its not that serious calm down!

  15. Yea I agree, they look more like brother and sister than bf&gf.

    Hyori looks hot anyways. teehee

    Pan looks kind of cute, but I think he would look even hotter if he gets rid of the baby fat in his face. LOL

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