[PIC] Hyori during Hyundai CF + w/ Pan (5P)

Hyori in Hyundai CF shoot

Expect many hot miniskirts in this CF = )



8 Responses

  1. wow, who is this girl? i never seen a gorgeous girl in pink miniskirt like her. is this Nation fairy? LOL

  2. i swear,i cud die at every pic of my hyori noona!!looks good..tho i dun prefer the top…

  3. She seems scary when not smiling lol…like in pic 3/4 >.>

  4. I love hyori in the last pic, her smile, her miniskirt, her legs, all are gergeous, Hyori GO GO.love love you.

  5. she’s so pretty!
    i can’t wait to see this cf 😀

  6. so pretty

  7. Okay I’ll just say it….don’t hate me.

    But I hate the pink skirt. It makes her hips look too boxy. It just doesn’t suit her body, but everything else looks great.

    Anyways Hyori can rock anything and still come out looking hot.

  8. She’s so beautiful, but I really wish she would go back to parting her hair on the side instead of the middle! She looks way better that way! Still love her though!

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