[HR’ Share] Hyori’s drama – 3 Leaf Clover {2005} [Eng Sub]

The Leaf Clover

– 2005 –

(English Subbed)



Title: 세잎클로버 / Seip Keullobeo
Also known as: 3 Leaf Clover / 3 Leaves Clover
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2005-01-17 to 2005-03-14
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM

Jina (Hyo Ri) is a welder in a steel mill with a felony wrap behind her. With her tag as an ex-felon, she struggles to maintain any semblance of average normal life of an everyday civilian. This is a story about her trials and tribulations and how she deals with the obstacles that are thrown at her all the while maintaining a chaotic relationship with her rebellious boyfriend.

Lee Hyo Ri (Hyolee/FinKL) as Kang Jina
Ryu Jin as Ryu Se Hyung
Kim Kang Woo as Yoon Sung Woo
Kim Jung Hwa as Park Yeon Hee


– Part 1 –









Thanks to x0Maj0x for uploading those videos

Watch the rest of this drama



16 Responses

  1. ash!!..do u noe wer i can dload the subbed one full..as in 1 epi by itself…cos abit lazy wan watch off utube..keke

    • http://aja-aja.com/regular/three-leaf-clover

      sky, i asked the friend who uploaded this drama onto youtube, she said you can dl this drama there, that is the link, good luck i havent checked the link out,keke

      • thankyou for the link ash… looks good… im watching it already… im gonna finish this drama…

      • wow, thanks ashlee! I didn’t know aja-aja had this! I love aja-aja! That’s where I’m dling swallow the sun. Watched the first episode so far and am highly recommending it!

        But this is awesome! Thanks again! I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

  2. I have been watching this drama 😡
    Hyori is cuteeeee XD

  3. kyaaa!! I have been wanting to see this so much, can’t wait to get off work and watch this while sparing a minute or two to focus on hw! =)

  4. I agree with skyruler lol..rather get better quality videos by downloading 😀

  5. thanks for sharing! 😀

  6. kim kang woo is thin n here compare now… lol.

  7. wooohhooo…thx for the hardsubbed dl link ashlee ❤
    I watched this whole drama raw and with crappy quality 20 yrs ago, now I can finally watch it in good quality and more importantly understand it too 😀

    Downloaded 11eps already…5 more to go baby!

  8. ><

  9. i’ve always wanted to watch this!! ^_____^ thank you ash,u rock!

  10. Thanks!

    I remember seeing this online somewhere but it wasn’t subbed in English.

    Yay! Thanks again.

  11. Whoa, it’s now available in English subbed??? =D

    Thanks for the info/links! ^__^

  12. anyone know where can i get the ost songs? i really love the song here especially seungwoo&jina’s song…

  13. I know it’s year 2013 now and this drama is 8 years old. But I really wanna watch this drama. So can anyone tell me where to watch this drama??

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