[CAP] Hyori – Fight against distribution of illegal copyrighted online videos

(July 28, 2009)

Hyori along with many artists participated in fight against distribution of illegal copyrighted online videos

It’s short clip with many artists talk about this

her hair!! >< just one 10 minutes… .. LOL


14 Responses

  1. Her hairstyle is so OLD SCHOOL! Just one 10 minutes!
    It brings back so much memories… Haaaa ^^

  2. i know, but it doesnt look 100% like 10 minutes, only the fact that she has straight hair reminds me of 10 minutes,keke
    anww i loveeee it, love her earings too, it’s my baby

  3. her hairstyle from ten minutes!
    although i prefer the u-go-girl hairstyle .. whatever she likes, im fine with 😀

  4. lol it funny cuz everyone only focus on her hair, but not about the issue
    anyway i love her hair, beautiful smile as always

  5. This means she’s against us downloading OTR too ;p

  6. I like her hair like that .Its very natural style !!

  7. Lol i know…we seem to care more about her hair style 😀

    I think i prefer the shorter U Go Girl style with bangs….but she’s beautiful like this too.

    Why these artists want to fight us fans uploading shows….we only want to help promote them more right?

  8. I love her hair!!!!! She’s terribly gorgeous. 🙂 Shes my girlcrush

  9. yup like her hair

  10. Why doesn’t Hyori age? LOL

    She looks the same way she did when she debuted with Fin.K.L. I say whatever she is using she needs bottle it up and sell it. And I’ll be first in line to buy it. HAHAHAHA

  11. Could we get subs on this? 😛 30sec clip should be fast >.> Thanks in advance 😀

  12. lol,i prefer her wid shorter hair than now,makes her look younger n cuter…like wen fo jz started…i guess us dloading is stil alrite,cos we cant get anythin from wherever we r..keke

  13. technically speaking, how will us non-korean citizens ever get to see (and afterwards support) our fave kpop artists if we’re banned from watching any vids of theirs???

  14. haha! I guess she is talking about US! :”> lol~~
    Hyori unnie, I just wanna let you know that even though these are wrong or not, we just wanna share our love to you and support you all the way by using….internet! <333 ^^

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