[Fanmade] It’s Hyorish Toon Ver. (10P)

Toön Ver.

This from.. ‘Single’ Magazine

@근영/Hyolee Together



13 Responses

  1. wow… cool… ilove the yellow bg.

  2. OMG that’s so awesome!!
    i LUV IT :X:X

  3. hahahah thats cute ><

  4. added one! Cute and sexy… ^^

  5. waw!!!that’s gorgeous and so cute!!!♥

  6. these are so cute!

  7. wow…its really GOOD!!..wish hyori noona can c this..keke

  8. i just love those outfits so cute, and the dolls are so adorable, so cute, so big, very cute,haha the outfits , shoes look exactly the same.

  9. Wow, they got some awesome illustrator here. 😉

  10. Wooh these are cool and cutel!!!
    My fave is the -Deep- one

    Keke I added one more..dark angel style….
    anyone see anymore cool hyori toons we could add to here??

  11. Those are really good. I always wondered how people do these things..

  12. OMG! those animations are so creative and adorable >_< love it!

  13. wow….so cuteeee

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