[PIC] More Hyori & Wilber Pan CF pics (3P)

Hyori & Wilber sharing the sofa


11 Responses

  1. hyori looks soo pretty<3
    but truth be told, now that i see the two of them together in the pictures, i REALLY don't think they match at ALL.
    i mean, hyori IS the NATION'S SEXIEST singer.
    you gotta have more than what willpan got.
    [even if im a small fan of him, i still dont think he matches with hyori ^^]

  2. Honestly they look like brother and sister. Worst Pan looks like a kid next to Hyori.
    She is so charismatic, she outshines totally the little Pan…

  3. hahaha agree, her sexiness her beauty shine, and my eyes are only on her, she looks sexy in those pics, i love the last pics, her smile is so beautiful, love her so much.ahhhhhh mini dress

  4. i agree to the 3 of you… =]

  5. Alice! LOL yes,, Pan looks like her bro
    Pan suit with someone cute (face) i think

    our w. too hot too sexy too beautiful too perfect for him 😛
    Prefer someone manly (muscle) sexy hot guy for her
    T_T should be kook,top,bi,dan haha..

    DANG!! so bias heheheee

    Ps. hyori so cute 😉

  6. woah,,,perfect hyobod…they look more like frens..mayb they hav a kind of daeri relationship..less intense than daeri ofcos…keke

  7. lol they seriously lok like bro n sis
    i dont think they match at all
    i mean Lee Hyori is the sexy queen…peter pan need more than what it take 2 be wit her

  8. Hyori looks great,but he is no match ,he looks like a donsaeng but not a lover 0__0 im looking forward to see hyo’s talent in there!

    thanks for posting the pix ^____^

  9. maybe he needs a tan and facial hair ^__^
    would that make him match better?
    But he looks too babyface for our queen

  10. Since Wilber looks son young, then the title of the song should be “I’m mad about the boy”.

  11. hahaha
    wilber is so white compare to hyori

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