[CAP/VID] Hyori – GUESS Jeans photoshoot + Interview (2V/6P/3G)

(Aug 01, 2009)








@Hyolee Together

15 Responses

  1. woah… hot hot hot….

  2. hyori is so pretty =]<3

  3. so gorgeous and of course she’s so hot…hot…hot…hot

  4. i love this!! the concept is great! and hyo is gorgeous! thanks barbie for uploading! ^___^

  5. she looks hot..but i prefer lesser makeup anytime..hyori looks better that way..!!keke

  6. oh my gawwd hot hot !!!!

  7. I love that rap! hahaha she’s so cute and hot!!! I like her with less make up too and when she goes “this is my natural face” on family outing! hehe

  8. Nice…but i don’t like her red lipsticks lol

  9. Sexxy!!
    Me too I prefer lighter makeup because she’s already so gorgeous. Pink over red lipstick.

  10. hahaha
    her lips are soo RED …
    yup, i perfer the pink over the red lipstick

  11. do u guy know what did the reporter asked dat Hyori said 2PM

  12. omg so HOT HOT and HOT
    this is what i call SEXY, those models are so sexy too, keke i prefer one of the model with her than peter pan,lol
    where is my hyori with her natural tanned skin? they put to much make-up on her face to make her white, i dont like the white make-up but her red lips look so sexy baby.
    and her waist is so small, 23,24 baby,**diet, diet**
    THose models are soo HOT,keke
    and seems like the rap has become famous, well everything with hyori is HOT


  14. she is the ONLY gal whom i don’t mind seeing in colored contacts. everyone else looks lizardish but this lady jsut SIZZLES~~~

    can’t wait to see the actual photos!

  15. She’s hottest,sexiest and most beautiful woman in world !!
    She looks in these jeans so good ..

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