[Video] Hyori – Superstar K (슈퍼스타K) [Week #2]

‘Superstar K’ <Week 2>

(July 31,2009)

Lee Hyori [CUT]

[1] [2] [3]

The Video has been removed by Youtube (M-net) /Copyright

W. cried ^^!


Jongshin also here LOL

but seem like this week she’s lead judge… Angel changed to Evil

Can’t wait for the real stage! and  wonder why she cried ^^

Ps. Sorry about the vids not match with audio..


10 Responses

  1. weee thanks so much for the vod:):)
    hyori lookin hotter as days passes!!
    will this be subbed??

  2. thx for video ^^

    hey .. yoon jong shin ..hahaa

  3. Bie, I don’t think there is a main judge. She sat in the middle because she’s the only girl, last week LSC sat on the middle because he was the only man.

    Where I can watch the whole episode? I need to do some research. keke

  4. wait that it how come it so short this week
    thanks i cant wait for the real stage

  5. OMG hyori cried again, my poor baby, dont cry baby.
    jongshin looked soo cool, and hyori is soooooo pretty, omg love her straight hair baby, so so love you hyori, black black it’s one of my fav color,hehe

  6. aishh…hyori..u cant cry so often..dont u noe hw precious ur tears are??!!…jaejoong’s mum din get thru,its a pity…

  7. Woa woa woa full show! Thanks B!

  8. omg those girls in part 2 -_-
    i wanted to just knock them in the face! very ungrateful little children ahahahaa
    (and talking smack about alex!!!)

    thanks for sharing!

  9. Hope twirly subs it when he’s back on the 7th

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