[News] Lee Hyori confessed “since I’m timid, a lot of money didn’t come back”

>> Give Hyori’s money back! <<

:: Aug 2, 2009::


Singer Lee Hyori confessed that because she is timid, it’s difficult for her to reject anything related to money.

The KBS 2TV “Entertainment relay” aired on August 1st was on the set of a clothing pictorial shooting, Lee Hyori shared her secret on how she manages her body.
Lee Hyori said “in general 2 to 3 days before a photoshooting, I do a urgent diet. Controling what I eat and exercising are a must do. I only need to be a little more careful, my body is the type that changes immediately. It’s a body that is very good to an entertainer.”
Lee Hyori said also “I’m a little different from the cool image that I have on programs, in front of someone that I don’t know I don’t say much”, “talking about things that I regret doing because I’m too timid, I can’t say no if somebody asks me to lend him some money, that’s why a lot money didn’t come back”.
In addition, Lee Hyori said “I hope everyone will give a lot of love to my to be out 4th album “, amplificated the expectation the fans have for her new album.

Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

14 Responses

  1. i loved the title of the post alice! ^___^

    hyori is so nice and shy,that’s right,give the money back!i wonder who are the people she lended money to though XD
    i love seeing hyori everywhere,she’s been active these days and it’s good! ^0^

  2. Thanks for translation 😀 love to read her interviews

  3. those borrow her money need 2 give her back !!!!!

  4. lol daesung and jaesuk are always timid because of hyori on FO ..
    these ppl need to return her money >O

  5. this is much better than i posted in soompi… lol. thanks alice for clear translation and angie too… =)

  6. Dang so her hyobod changes that easily…wish I could say the same for most of us 😀

    it’s cute to hear to she’s timid about lending money….learn a bit more about her in each interview…..she’s quite down to earth.
    I wish she was my sexy girl next door neighbor.
    thx for translations girlies….

  7. She’s just so kind and wonderful person !!!
    I love ..loveeeeeeeeee HYORI .

  8. love her honest interview….

  9. thanks for the translation! I feel for Hyori 😦 People probably think she doesn’t need the money and don’t return it =/ and it probably sucks because people probably take advantage of that timidness to ask for stuff 😦

    Can’t wait for her album though!! Very excited!

  10. to those pp who borrow hyori’s money, give it backkk, and also the company, they should pay hyori and her pp for the concert of last dec.
    although hyori is rich, but it’s no nice borrowing her money and doesnt give it backkkk
    hyori is tpe A, i know, hehehehe dont be timid, youre great hyori.
    and i cant wait for her 4t album.

  11. waaa hyori unnie i’ll earn money and give them to you hahahahaha yah those who borrowed her money should give it back or else hahahahahahaha

  12. I always knew Hyori is too kind and sweet and always helps the ones who need her. Hope she gets good karma back. She worked so hard to earn her money. Others should respect that and give her the money back.

  13. […] Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com […]

  14. awww 😦

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