[Hyori’s wings] :: August 3rd 2009 (#2)

  •  Artist with the best tanned make-up
  •  Artists who look best in bikini


“Hyori #1 artist with tanned make-up”


A survey of ” Artist with the best tanned make-up” was held by BB Cream brand SKIN 79 to welcome the holiday season, the survey started since June 29 and was participated by a lot of voters.

As the results of this poll 43.3% of the 528 votes went to pop diva Lee Hyo-Ri, she won #1 as artist with Tanning Makeup. The sexy icon attract everybody with her healthy skin, her sexy charm. Many of the voters agree with the tanned skin of Hyori which makes her more attractive, moreover people think that Lee Hyori is the most beautiful when she has smoking, tanned make-up on.

Seo In Young ended 2nd in this poll with 19% and she has 232 votes, the following are the actress from sbs drama” dream” Son Dambi, Wonder Girl’s Yoo Bin and Girls Generation’s Soo Young.




“Artists who dress best in a bikini”

Lee Hyori, Shin Min Ah and Kim Hye Soo are the best artists who look best in bikini, those female artists make Korean woman want to go on diet cause they just want to look best in bikini like those artists in this HOT summer. Acording to the news Shin Min Ah topped the poll, and women want to have a body like her.



Translated by ashlee1110 | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com


11 Responses

  1. yea… i like the way she project in camera… and her complexion, i love it too

  2. Oh Ashlee thanks. I was going to translate this news, fortunately I check the blog first. ^^
    I added a few words, you don’t mind right?? keke

  3. HoT.

  4. amen! this is all i have to say ^____^ hyo’s tanned make up is one of the best,i love son dam bi’s and wonder girls ‘ yubin too.she looks great in bikini too

    Thanks Ashlee and Alice ^0^

  5. whoo congrats hyori 😀

  6. Thanks for the translation. Wow she looks amazing in that photo! And she definitely makes me feel like getting a tan isn’t a bad idea lol

  7. major exotic hotness w/ that tan! part of her hyorish sexiness 🙂

  8. wait… it wasnt 100%? lol

  9. Her tan skin is smexxy…looks so much healthier then those super pale skinny celebs.

    SIY is 2nd in this poll?? I didn’t even know she has a tan make up^_^

  10. oh your so very sexy ha

  11. oh your so very sexy ha….your beautiful in my eyes

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