[Video] Kookri – Family Outing Ep.58 CUT (Eng Subbed)

Kookri Moments from FO ep 58

Kookrí~ Love

credit: KJKGlobal// Translated by jklove_07 and o-cha

*Kookri Gifs*

credit: nicha1980@soompi


12 Responses

  1. wow eng sub :O yay!!!

  2. cute , cute and cute
    but i wish the scene was funnier like last time when they went to a elementary school, it was sooooo funny and cute, anw waiting for more funny scene in the future,heheh

  3. woah…

  4. Hyori got an attitude problem ..lol !!!!
    She bully’s Kim Joon Kook way to much .I feel sorry for him .

    But its funny as hell ..

  5. LOL jongkook’s shoes in the water!! why are his shoes always new rofl

  6. die* with kookri this episode >< so cute
    catwoman+puppy so sweet ~~~~

    manly muscle pet kook jong,, such a gentleman!

    Ps.i heard bubi chu~~ song in the background too kiki

  7. haha..this ep is so funny…can’t wait until the full ep with subs is out

  8. they looks so good together.. haha.. this ep rocks, especially the part where they went to the abandoned place.

  9. love them together…… sooooooo cute!!!!!!

  10. OMG! That was so sweet and funny! Thanks to whoever subbed it!
    My fav FO couple!

  11. But… I want Daesung and hyolee couple…
    they are really cute… haha
    Also… BiRi it’s okay

  12. haha this was really cute, i rewatched it a few times!
    i love kookri moments in family outing<3

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