[News] Lee Hyori to quit Family Outing?

>> Lee Hyori and Family Outing <<

:: Aug 05, 2009::


Multi talented entertainer queen Lee Hyori is once again the center of attention. Recently there is a rumor saying that Lee Hyori is going to quit popular SBS show ‘Family Otuing’.
According to reports, Lee Hyori is focused into the production of her November new album so she plans to quit FO, discussions with the production team of the show are going on.
Regarding this matter, SBS marketing staff declared “rumors are groundless”. They said via a phone call with a reporter “the PD of the show Jang Hyuk Jae has never heard Lee Hyori saying such things”, “during the filming on the set, Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Hyori would always joke and say ‘it’s killing me, I want to quit’, maybe someone heard this and spread this rumor.”
He added “saying the production of her album is disturbed because of the stressful shooting of the show, it’s impossible”, “we film for 2 days every 2 weeks, the album production shouldn’t be altered”.
Moreover other staff members of the show said “Lee Hyori is attached to the show, she won’t decide to quit so suddenly”.
However, there were a lot of difficulties behind the participation of Lee Hyori in the show. At that time, a manager of her company in order to make her accept the filming of FO even went on his knees to beg her, it is something that everyone in the business knows about.
Thus, there are people who think that the usual witty Lee Hyori we see in the show might because of her album quit the show. All the fans are keeping an eye on which path she will take.

Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com

Guys don’t panic! The PD even says that Lee Hyori won’t quit FO. It’s just reporters speculating… ^^


21 Responses

  1. no noona No!!!…if u quit,i wont c u every week!!..but i tink hyori wont quit tho..imagine hw sad daesung wil be..keke..

  2. OMG!! i hope not…

  3. I highly doubt hyori would quit unless daesung does. Besides hyori said in her interview earlier that she won’t be leaving FO anytime soon? Trust her 😀

  4. OMG! plz noo :(( i cant imagine family outing without her, and no one can replace lee hyori!

  5. I can’t believe that her manager went on his kness to beg her to film FO . She loves this show so how can she do that ? Someone please says that it’s just a rumor . How can FO go on without her ?

    • This is a rumor and the PD already cleared it and said Hyori WON’T quit FO.

    • I believe that the knee incident probably happened before FO was filmed so its already the past. I’m sure she loves going on FO now?

  6. imagine there is no hyori every week
    no nation sibling,daeri n kookri
    family outing will be so boring
    luckily,it’s just a rumor until our queen say it

  7. i think our queen wouldnt easily quit FO, like the PD said.
    But whatever is her decision, i’ll support. I dont want her health to go downhill like last yr =(

    • NO i hate that incident which our queen had last year, while everyone was enjoying the year end awards she was lying in the hosp, NO i dont want to hear about it.
      but NO i want to see hyori on FO too, how could i live without my nation fairy, NO NO and NO, and eventhough this is just a rumor but it’s enough to break my heart, NO

  8. it’s just a news

    i hope nuna stay with FO forever if she quits
    im the one who will not watch this show again — ”

    after yejin and chunhee is hyori nuna T_T

    NOOOO …..

  9. OMG! i hope this is all just a rumor!
    the main reason i watch family outing is because of hyori T__T
    but hyori is soo attached to everyone in FO, i dont think she will quit FO ..
    rumours should stay rumours.


  11. […] Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com […]

  12. The title scared me a bit, but this is actually good news though right?
    All they are doing is dismissing any rumors we heard from months ago about her leaving FO.

    But if no Hyo no FO for me for sure!!

  13. No Hyori no FO 😦

  14. NOO!!!! :(( Pls pls don’t go!!! :((

  15. […] Translation: startoxic | hyoleesubs.wordpress.com […]

  16. Waahh HYORI NOOO!




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