[Video] Hyori – Making Hyundai i30 MV CF {Wilber Pan} [Chinese]

:: Aug 05, 2009 ::

Chinese News


//DIE* KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T


12 Responses

  1. ahhhhhhhhh CANT WAIT
    i love everything, the dance, the music, except for the kiss, NO pleaseeeeee
    I cant waittt

  2. OMG! Is that THE song that I heard???!!! It sounds pretty nice and catchy… ^^

    The shirt that she’s wearing during the very last seconds is the same as this one: http://newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=200907302202441002&search=title&searchstring=이효리

  3. the dance seems pretty good 😀
    lol at the kiss scene’s ngs haha
    they seem to be friends lol

  4. Hyori …can i get a kiss from you too ?

    I just want to kiss her so much. She’s one fine baby !!!

  5. oh i love hyori… 😀 ack the kiss… lol

  6. awww the kisses so cute lol 😛
    but i’m so jealous!!

  7. im so down now..i wan a hyokiss too…:<

  8. i guess this is the same video that i watched on a chinese site…repeatedly being the masochist that i am.
    looking from the ngs, i would say it PANned out quite nicely for him, the NOT so little peck pffffffff grrrr

  9. I was only comforted that the kiss looked more like a quick peck.. still.. sigh..

  10. omg!!! hyori’s so good!the music is great,the choregraphy is hot!! the kiss 0__0

    thanks for posting B ♥!

  11. can’t wait to see the actual thing ><

  12. Cool site, love the info.

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