[News] Hyori is not leaving Family Outing

>> Hyori is not leaving <<

:: Aug 07,2009 ::


There have been rumors going around recently that singer, Lee Hyori will be leaving SBS Family Outing. This was immediately shot down by the program’s PD, Jang Hyuk Jae, “This is such a ridiculous rumor!”.

PD Jang Hyuk Jae said on the 7th through the phone, “This is such a baseless rumor. No one from Lee Hyori’s management nor the Family Outing production team have released any statements with regards to Hyori leaving. We aren’t quite sure how a rumor like this could have surfaced. Lee Hyori has no intentions of leaving and is putting in 100% effort into the show. It’s out of our control if rumors like this are being spread around.”

The rumors of Hyori leaving Family Outing have been accompanied by postings from possibly anti-fans who wrote that they have grown sick of Lee Hyori acting like ‘the world owes her everything’ and wanting to see her leave. PD Jang ended by saying, “We are continuing with our normal filming of Family Outing, going into the fall season, with our present cast of family members and a guest. We aren’t changing anything.”

Credit: coolsmurf@allkpop

7 Responses

  1. I knew it ;p

  2. those anti fans are reli cruel..i dunno hw can sum1 nt love hyori…just take one close look at her ‘real,honest, and bright’ smile ppl!!!

  3. Thanks God 😀
    love hyori ^^~~~~

  4. they suck!how can they be so stupid?”like he world owes her everything”?so they’re jealous cause she is successful? pathetic people they are!

    i didnt believe these rumours ,Hyori cant leave the show,she is too important to the show and with Chunhee and Yejin leaving,i think that’s enough.

    thanks for posting Ash ^0^

  5. yey!

  6. stupid anti, they hav no life

    yay Hyori not leaving, at the end of the day every1 still love her
    in your face anti !!!!!!

  7. yeah! that’s a relief news.
    Hyori onni won’t leave the show.

    BY THE WAY to the anti-fan…
    will you stop false rumours about her?
    kemanhe~~ arasso???

    since she won’t leave the show I think the anti-fan GOT IT. rite? 😛

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