[PIC] Hyori – Ocean World {autograph event} (40P)

:: Aug 07, 2009 ::

SEXY! ><



– – – – – UPDATE – – – –


13 Responses

  1. hot! hot! hot!

  2. Great amount of people attending it o.O

  3. her arrogant week….
    sexy and hot

  4. I love her smile. IT’s so bright!


  5. sexy noona!!!..her hair is long and silky..shes alwiz putting her hair over one shoulder…so hot!!

  6. gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, pretty, classy, awesome, arrrr i cant describe how beautiful she is, GO Hyori, sexyyyyyyyyyy, lucky fans, i want to be thereeeee, hyori wait for meeeeeee

  7. wow! there’s a lot of people xD
    hyori is so pretty 😀

  8. she’s like a pretty mermaid in that dress :))

  9. WOW! This girl never seems to age! She just gets hotter and hotter! Damn her!

  10. One word ..Boobielicious !!!!

    very gorgeous Hyo..

  11. i want an autograph too > <
    and wow there's a lot of ppl

  12. Omgosh so sexy beautiful…
    lol the second pic with the dress makes our queen look like really tall

  13. Wow so many pix! She looks so so pretty. ^__^

    Lucky fans. Hehehe, it’s funny how some of them were in bathing suits and life vests. Instead of t-shirts + shorts.. But then again, the place was an amusement park. ^^

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