[Video] Hyori – AT Ocean World (Autograph Event)

:: Aug 07, 2009 ::

I know only they said Hyori unnie/nuna is so pretty * beautiful in person


7 Responses

  1. hyori noona is so pretty!!!…i like how she chatted up each fan..ah….isit possible to love some1 so much?!!

  2. when she checked the MIC, it’s so cute, Hyori’s style “ah ah ah…” lol

  3. @sky, haha ”i want to love someone else but my heart doesnt have place for another person, Hyori is all in my heart” haha
    sorry guys i’m biased, hyoriii i want to kiss her,
    haha the mic incident is funny, HYORI is the best
    those pp are lucky*jealous*

  4. ah ah ah ah hyori you’re so beautiful.
    What i would give to be one of those lucky fans to get her autograph poster.

  5. Must be tiring to chat and sign for so many posters >.< Anyone seen it for sale online yet? 😛

  6. Whoa, there’s so many ppl in the pools! o___o

    I wonder how long was the signing event. I want one of her autographed posters~ =D

    Aww Hyori signed the hat for the girl too.

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