[HR’ Talk] Lee Hyori ~ 2009 MNET 20’s CHOICE

START! August 5th —> August 28th


Results: 2009.08.09


Results: 2009.08.07


.>> [#9] HOT Multitainer #Hyori (1st) <<

Lee Hyori VS Daesung VS Yoona

>>[#11] HOT Body #Hyori (1st) <<

Lee Hyori VS Park JaeBum

>> [#12] HOT Style Icon #Hyori (1st) <<

Lee Hyori VS G-Dragon


About Vote for our Hyori

they say that foreigners cannot vote

because they need to check against our identification number

Yes~ even though we have ID login there.. but need to have Korean ID and regis like korean cit

That’s mean only korean can vote T_T

So Hyori’s korean fans here .. pls give us your identification number LOL

J.Kidding 😛 Hope they vote for her lots lotsss for us!


You can see all votes here…


Update every second lol

Ps. Argg~~ Why she had to compete with Big Bang Daedae /GD and 2Pm Jaebum!!!

I also LOVE them :S kekeke




(MNET 20’s CHOICE 2008)

Last year .. Hyori got 2 Awards

‘Hot Style Icon’ Award


‘Hot Performance Musician’ Award.. `U Go Girl`



Mnet 20’s Choice Performance 2008

’20 years later’

D.I.S.C.O (T.O.P) / U-Go-Girl / DJ (Um Jung Hwa)







11 Responses

  1. oh yeah… Hyori Fighting!!!

  2. hyori onni fan @ S.Korea..
    please vote for her.
    let her win this time..
    eventhough its against DS n GD. omo~ 🙂

  3. Grats to her for leading 2 polls atm.. hope they continue to vote for her lol

  4. can’t vote now. why? đã hết hạn ư ?

  5. nooo hyori must at least be number 2 or 1 in the first poll haha anyway but you korean guys keep voting for her so that she’ll retain the top spot in both 2nd and 3rd polls haha^^

  6. aaaaaaaaaagh hyori and top TOPRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i like hyori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are the best!!!!!!!!!
    keep going

  8. hyori FTW!<3

  9. Hey Hyori jy stay at 1st rank i will support u!!!

  10. huray hu…l\

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