[Video] 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice Interview

Hyori Interview for Mnet 20’s Choice

(August 07, 2009)

Hyori said…“Please  vote  vote vote for me, if you don’t pick me to win at least one award this year…

I will quit Family Outing and shave Daesung’s head! “

~~Korean to Eng translations by me, a zero-korean language understanding translator 😛 ~~


13 Responses

  1. ahahah… thanks aska for posting…

  2. yeah .. ‘ I will quit Family Outing and shave Daesung’s head! ‘ !!

  3. lol she’s always smiling and laughing as usual ❤ nice comments ;p

  4. lets vote many2 2 her 🙂 I’ll afraid she will shave daesung’s head. LOL 😛

  5. Very nice !!!!!!!!!!

  6. haha you’re so funny!!! And she still cute as ever!

  7. hahaha
    it would be cool and funny if she really said that

  8. hahaha” at least 1 award this year”hahaha so funny
    OMG 10 minutes’ hair but i think i like the hair of her nowadays more,hehe i cant wait for 20’s choice

  9. hahaha..that’s really funny, i hope she gets an award although i do kinda wanna see her shave daesung’s hair even more…lol..

  10. Haha, so she didn’t really say that. Omg… if she did, that would be super funny. XD

    I want to vote for her! I hope I can… o:

  11. haha shaving daesung’s head? xDD

  12. She’s so funny! I absolutely adore her like no other!

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