★ Give ID – Vote For Hyori (2009 Mnet 20’s Choice)


For members here only!!!


1 Login ID – 1 Time per Day

That Login ID can be use to vote once each day!

So you guys..

Please leave comment how many times you can vote per day

1 person not more than 50 IDs

So i will give you the number of IDs that you can vote per day and use everyday

Please ensure that you can vote everyday til Aug 28th

Ex. If you can vote only 1 time per day.. i give you 1 ID <vote everyday>

if you can vote 50 times per day.. i give you 50 IDs <vote everyday>

PS. `ID  and Password` will be sent by email






→  Use IE browser

.» » http://choice.mnet.com/2009/AwardVote/AwardVote.asp « «


→  Make sure to vote for each category.  ←

You have to check all 20 categories


‘Lee Hyori’

[#9] HOT Multitainer

[#11] HOT Body

[#12] HOT Style Icon




.→  And then ‘Submit’ here  ←




Go back > log out and log in (Change ID) to vote again =D

Ps. If you’re not sure you have already voted or not .. You can try to log in same ID again

if it has pop up and you can’t vote..that’s mean you have already voted..

Wait for tomorrow to vote again =’)




You can see all votes here…



Who can vote 50 IDs/times per day… YOU ROCK! keke

Let’s help our hyori rank 1st til Aug 28th

Lee Hyori’s Fans FIGHTING!!!


34 Responses

  1. Hey! I can vote quite a few times a day! ^_^ Probably, like, 10 or 15 times a day? I’d love to help Hyori Unnie out! I’m not really sure how this whole wordpress thing works, so my email is bloomncrazy87@aim.com . Thank you!!

  2. I tried the ids/pswd ….it works for sure.
    Voting is pretty quick and easy.
    I’ll start with 15 bubi = )
    Hyori for the win!!! She has to attend if she wins right?
    Maybe surprise performance too….ok i’m dreaming there 😀

  3. bieeee, me 50 even 200, or 2000 i can do it all days, yahhhhhhhhhh
    see you on msn

  4. i think i can do it 15 times per day 😀
    hyori is first in every category she’s in!<3

  5. @ashlee…..coool you give me hope maybe hyori can perform this year too 😀
    Me wants special stage!
    Barbie’s sleeping now…hope you get the codes to start voting soon.

    • she said she would send me tomorrow
      i hope m fellow hyogangstars can do it too
      i want her to win and attends the awards i need to do some research about the awards i want to know how many % does the vote count? 30%?50%
      anw zzzzzzzz laterzzzzzz

  6. why didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner?

    yo give me all you got. done with ep 58 so i am FREEEEEEEE.
    50 right here!

  7. I think I can do 15x per day 😀
    I wan help Hyori unnie!!!!

  8. id id id!!!…me me me…send to me,msn/soompi!

  9. gimme like 20-30…ill try 1st..if possible,ill c if i can do more!!go hyori!

  10. give it to me, give it to me….lol
    i can do 500x per day lol

  11. memememememememememememememe.

  12. figthing….Hyori…..
    Gain the vote…

  13. This is so cool! I can do like 5 a day. So give me 5 IDs. I’ll ask for more, if I feel I can do more. Thanks! ^^

  14. hello! i just became a huge hyori fan this year (: and i barely just found this website. i’m a bit confused on how to become a member… please help >.< i really want to vote for hyori!

  15. I can do 50 per day!!!

  16. If have any problem… please leave question here…
    I want to make sure everyone can vote

    Ps. dont forget… check all category .. not only 3 category (hyori).. you have to check all other artist too.. okiee ^^

    and hmm.. when u finish.. just go back and log in with new ID and vote again… dont use same ID ok?

    Everyone: OK…
    Bie: thanks

  17. hello.. since i have so many spare time now..
    mind to send me around 10 – 20 id. 🙂

  18. i can do 10 id’s to start off with!!! i just need to get use to the voting process, then ill be able to do 50X a day! 🙂 thanks

  19. omgomgomgomg i made an account for this yay!!!! lol ashlee’s nickname for me. ok, i’d like to start off with 10 id’s then go up to 50 if possible… 🙂 thanks barbie

  20. Need more members vote…

    (25 IDs)

  21. Hey babe:)
    I would love to vote for Hyori!!
    Can i please have the 10 IDs and passwords please >___<
    Thank you so much babe!!
    Will wait for your mail!!!!

  22. I can do 10 a day =)

  23. I can do 10 times a day~

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