[Video] Hyori – Super 100 Stars that you want to own #6

:: Aug 11, 2009 ::


8 Responses

  1. 0_0

    im one of them who wanna own nuna :p

  2. #6?!!..thats way too low..cos hyori noona is #1 for me!!

  3. Mind stating rank 1-5? 😛

  4. sky, i know #6 is not really good
    but she is always in TOP 10 which is really good, yeahh hyori unnie i want to own you, love you

  5. I want want to know who’s 1-5 too!
    Probably Sohee or some young girls those old korean men love so much :p

    btw…that’s a weird category lol…i’ll trade in my car to own hyori though

  6. hyori should be number 1!


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