[News] ‘Family Outing’ members “Very worried” about Dae Sung’s accident

‘Family Outing’ Hyo Ri- Jong Kook- Jae Suk..

“Very worried” about Dae Sung’s accident


Popular group Big Bang’s member Dae Sung’s traffic accident has made fellow members of SBS ‘Family Outing’ Lee Hyo Ri, Kim Jong Kook and others worry for the whole night.

While returning from ‘Family Outing’ filming on the 11th around 4 PM coming back to Seoul at around Kyunggi-do area Dae Sung encountered an accident when the car he was in hit the center divider. Dae Sung was taken to a neighborhood hospital and received emergency treatment where afterwards he was evacuated urgently to a Seoul hospital. A person speaking for the hospital said he suffered some spinal injuries and needs to undergo treatment for 6 weeks.

Upon hearing news of his accident on the day the Family Outing performers and production team became really worried.

Especially for ‘Family Outing’s’ Madam Lee Hyo Ri. On the day of hearing about Dae Sung’s accident she rolled her foot as she was trying to contact him. On the 12th Lee Hyo Ri’s representative said “From the time she heard about Dae Sung’s accident on that day had tried to get in touch with him in every single way possible.” “She even tried contacting his manager and stylist but was unable to get in touch and she was extremely worried.”

The rep also said “At first she thought it was justa minor accident but after hearing that the condition is more serious than she thought she became really worried.”

Lee Hyo Ri isn’t the only one. After Kim Jong Kook heard about the accident he spoke to the people around him “Dae Sung’s injury won’t be serious” saying this as he was really concerned. Kim Jong Kook’s representative said “Kim Jong Kook-ssi was extremely surprised.” “He had hoped that Dae Sung’s injury wouldn’t be serious.”

Family Outing’s MC Yoo Jae Suk became really worried when he heard about Dae Sung’s traffic accident. Yoo Jae Suk’s representative said “When Yoo Jae Suk heard about Dae Sung’s accident he was really worried.”

Meanwhile because of Dae Sung’s accident, it will be hard for him to do the musical ‘Shouting’ on the 12th. It was planned to be the first performance of ‘Shouting’ with his fellow member Seung Ri.

Credit: nicha1980 @ soompi


// OMG! the pics!!! seriously !!!!!!!! T-T  Sorry.. its same news but the pics !!

I’m so thankful that Daedae ,his manager, stylist are still alive.

love how family members worried him so much .. omg my dae ~_~ im worry too


17 Responses

  1. Q.Q

  2. Gosh, thats a pretty dangerous crash. I hope everyone’s fine. Feel touched to hear that the family members and hyori were so worried..

  3. OMG… pics so seriously!!!! … hope get well soon

  4. gosh… the car is totally wrecked…

  5. gosh shocked shocked at the pics, gosh….looks terrible,i’m in shock
    wish dae all the best, an come back soon

  6. that’s very lucky to daesung to alive…
    the car is totally wrecked…

    argh……i’m so worry ’bout him….

  7. OMG! looking at that pic..
    aaaah.. so scaryyyyyy.
    thank God all of them alive…

  8. oh my, those pictures are so bad!! It could have been a lot worse but thankfully not. I hope they all have a speedy recovery!!

  9. wow the cars are all wrecked!
    hope daesung recovers soon to his energetic self and that hyori can finally contact him<3

  10. i rlly hope nothing serious happens to daesung, the stylist, and the manager. but it was rlly fortunate for them to be alive, looking at the state of the car. daesung, pls recover soon. we need you on fo!!! 😀

  11. Hope dae dae a speedy recovery…but wow i didn’t expect
    the car to be this smash up.

  12. poor daesung T_T
    please have a speedy recovery ..please 😦
    i wish him all the best .. and OMG those pictures are seriously scary !!!

  13. ohh wow ….
    hope he wore a seat belt…..
    and hope daesung recovers soon

  14. poor Daesung, hope he recovers soon..
    take time to rest but not too long cause we missed u already.. 😦
    Daesung Fighting!

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  16. OMG!!!! I go away from my computer for a few days (still on summer vacay) and come back to this type of news.

    Spinal injury!? O.O

    Oh lord, please someone tell me Daesung is okay?

    Korean celebs have bad luck when it comes to driving or being driven.

    It seem like the companies have everyone under presser to get things done, but when will they learn that a person’s life is more important than the Won.

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