[PIC] Hyori + Wilber Pan’s MV Pics (3P)

~~yahhh sexy baby ~~ sorry my eyes are only on her!


13 Responses

  1. I love the shirt she’s wearing! ^_^ By the way, when is this MV going to be released? I’m so excited to see it!

  2. My sexy Hyori ,i LOVE YOU !!!

  3. hyori is soo pretty 😀
    cant wait for the release of the mv!

  4. hehehe in the second pic hyori looks around the same height as wilber

  5. they probably communicate in english? i want to watch off the record epi9+ ): been waiting for so long <3hyolee.

  6. lolz. i didn’t notice wilber also. hyori’s too striking, wilber’s like e background =D

  7. omg good,hyo’s gaze,focused and hot! i only looked at hyori,wilber looks like her cousin or dongsaeng XD thanks for posting Ash!

  8. im so excited 4 the mv
    y do they keep teasing wit the pic

  9. Hyori looks fabulous…wilber looks a bit pale and daze o_0

  10. sexy

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