[Eng Subbed] Hyori – Making of Biotherm CF (Daniel Henney)

>> Lee Hyori & Daniel Henny <<

( Making of Biotherm CF )

:: Aug 03, 2006 ::

By HyoleeSubs

Translation: tripleleap

Timer: Barbie1r || Editor: startoxic, Barbie1r || Encoder/Uploader: Barbie1r

7 Responses

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    omg im so happy
    Danri 4ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. aww danri!<3
    hyori and dan are so cute in this 😀

  3. thanks for the translation
    DanRi DanRi, my Danri……. ahhhhhhh
    they’re so cute

  4. funny all .. Hyori Daniel & Boom haha thx for clip

  5. Ohhh I love her hair and bangs here. Too cute.
    Hot people in this vid…except for poor Boom<3 :p

  6. ahhhhh DanRI, danRI foreverrrrrrr
    oMG i already see some danri’s shippers here
    @Lil, youre so fastttttttttt with this
    out of the 3 craziest danri’s shippers, lil, mac and me, why am I last???/ anw I’m still love danri to death, hahahahaha
    thanks tripleleap, Bie and alice for this
    ahhhhhh i cant sleep tonight, i will sleep with my Danriiii, yeahhhhhhh, off to watch

  7. all the above danRi shippers r so so so HAPPY!!..i lik wen hyori keeps teasing boom..and seeing hyori all shy like dis…so kute..both of them,danRi!!

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