[News] Hyori to MC “University Gayo Festival” for 7th straight year

Lee Hyori to be MC for ‘University Gayo Festival’ for the 7th year through

Lee Hyori will be the MC for this year’s ‘University Gayo Festival’ for the 7th year.

Lee Hyori has been the MC for the gayo festival since 2003 and will also be for this year’s 33rd gayo festival to be held on 25th September.

The staff to ‘University Gayo Festival’ said on 14th August, “Lee Hyori will once again be the MC for this year’s gayo festival. With this, it will be her 7th consecutive year being the MC.”

“We thought of Lee Hyori as the MC for the place full of youth and passion. It seems like Lee Hyori has already become part of the branding of University Gayo festival.”

Lee Hyori is the 2nd longest running MC for the festival after Bae CheolSoo who did the MC for the show for 11 years through.

Credit: sookyeong @ kbites


Sadly I can’t remember seeing her MCing any of these Festivals one time ….and this is her 7th year!   : (


5 Responses

  1. wow really?!
    damn, seven years!
    hehe hyori fighting!<3

  2. i remembered this festival lat year. i was watching it live
    and the other time was with Chae Tae Hyun, i thought she only has done it for like 3,4 years but 7 years, holly, that is too much.

  3. whats this festival bout?

  4. i wonder if its same as the Gayo daejon that was mentioned at FO ep32 by chunhee when they were doing the wrestling thing.

  5. never heard of it 😦
    but yeah hopefully.. this time ill see this 😀

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