[Fanmade] Family Outing: Kookri (1V)

Family Outing

Catwoman & Puppy

Just because I love kookri 😛


12 Responses

  1. hahahahha so funny, LOL
    I wish FO would be back to the old days.
    Miss Old FO.

  2. Does anyone know wat’s e song at 7:03?

  3. yeah! kookri~! love it.. haha..

  4. nicely done..was the last song the “last farewell” cover by 2ne1 or something?

  5. kookri !!

  6. haha aska you did a great job! 😀
    great use of songs and great use of the clips

  7. Dang! kid the song you chose …ROFL<3
    2ne1 BB wth! your tae haha ya.. should you use our w. & kjk song only? =P

    watzupp watzup ~~ even the leader (GD)
    last farewell 2ne1 ver

    LOL it's kookrihyobang!

    Romantic scene but the song.. let's dance! kiki

    Catwoman & Puppy<333

    • Keke…me like upbeat sexy love songs more than slow love songs…don’t understand the korean words to feel the music.

      That’s why i like Tae’s….sexier plus has some english words <333 😀

      Lol kookrihyobang! <333

  8. loves it!!! I’m so glad you have all my fav scenes of them!!! I still remember the good old days when KJK and Hyori couldn’t look at each other, especially when they were signing together! ❤

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