[HR’ Share] IC Drama: Romance MC Yoo & Hyori

Infinity Challenge Drama

~ Romance Yoo Jae Suk & Lee Hyori ~

.English Subbed.

[1] [2] [3]

Credits Twirlybox

All the links have been removed by Twirly due to copyright issue…


16 Responses

  1. They have a Kiss Scence … right? xD

  2. it’s fake kiss
    anw i saw this on youtube and i was waiting for the next parts, hahah
    thank you the subber for this and thank you alice for bringing it here, haha the nation’s sibling,imao, so funny yet romantic

  3. thx alice..thx twirly too for subbing..i always wondered y this is nt subbed..keke

  4. Thanks Twirly………

    Finally someone subbed it.. many ppl ask so much for this…
    The nation’s sibling lol tq alice

  5. omg hyori is soo cute and pretty in here 😀
    nation’s sibling acting as lovers xDD

  6. Oh yea way cool….didn’t think we’ll get to see this subbed.
    thx twirilybox

  7. Wow finally someone subbed it 🙂 Thanks to twirly and startoxic

  8. Oh wow…thanks so much for the hard work keep it up…

  9. I’m absolutely HAPPY when this drama is subbed!! XD THanks a lot!

  10. Yay!! Thanks ~twirlybox/knesshi XP

    This was definitely one of the things I have been dying to have subbed along with the birthday prank FinKL pulled on Hyori!

    I can’t wait to watch the rest this when it is subbed ^_^

  11. Hi…

    Definietly great work. Need time to find it. Putting my fingers crossed to find the rest.

  12. what what what?!?!?! a romance drama??? but then that would make this incest >_<

    ahhhh i like them as siblings XD

  13. hahahahha i watched this ages ago
    was enjoyable ><

  14. part 3 .. come on!!! yeppy .. thx alice ^^

  15. The Nation Siblings r so funny….=)

    Does anyone happen to knw what’s the title of the ending theme when they both kiss?

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