[PIC] Hyori – Hyundai i30 CF Photoshoot (6P)

//They shouldn’t hv photoshopped too much…

Our hyori looks natural beauty already!! NO NEED ><


~ Bonus ~

Fashion Icon! ^_^


12 Responses

  1. wowowow…. i like the 2nd one and the last… thanks barbz… =)

  2. OMG why so pretty???
    I like the nerdy Hyori so cute x)

  3. The bonus!!!

  4. thanks 😀 i like the last one :DD

  5. hyori is so pretty and cute xD

  6. she’s gorgeous!!! favs: 2nd,3rd, and 4th pix! ♥___♥ everything she wears looks great

    thanks B for posting!^___^

  7. whee hyori!! thanks for sharing! I love them, especially the one with the glasses so cute!!!

  8. i love the 2nd pic and the last pic! gorgeous <33

  9. so cute >3<

  10. omgg she looks sooo good 😀

  11. OMGGGGGGG so cuteeee
    i love the 2nd pic with the camera, so cuteeeeeeeee,
    Hyoriiiiiiiiiiiii JJangggg

  12. no effort yet so cuteeeeeeee!!!loving it!

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