[Video] New Hyundai i30 CF & Ads (1V)(7P)

Hyundai i30 CF and Ads

August 16, 2009

(only short mq vid for now…will update if more hq gets release)

So good, so short…leaves me wanting more!


12 Responses

  1. oh yeah.. love it.

  2. yay
    it is finally out
    can’t wait to see the longer version

  3. AH AH AHA… *O*

    Hyori’s hair @0.07 k k kuteee~~

  4. ahhhhhhhh the music sounds soooooo good, sounds like invincible, i cant wait for it

    ” ahhh i’m so busy these days, now i have to go again, miss you guys at the chatbix”

  5. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! The song is so GOOD!!!
    I heard her sing Chinese!! Her pronunciation is so PERFECT!!! *hyperventilate*
    Is it the Chi version bc I don’t hear any Kor, only Chi and Eng… ‘You make me feel so real’ =)

    Ai Shang Wo Ai Shang Ni…. (Falling in love with me, falling in love with you)

    So happy

    • Omgossh chinese really Alice? YAAAAYY
      I swear I though it sound a bit like mandarin but i wasn’t sure since I only understand cantonese.

      Can’t wait for more!

    • LOL Alice…..dang! At first i dunno too.. (like aska ^^)

      only watch her forgot to listen everything keke
      Dang! so her pronounciation is perfect? WHoaa!! Good job babiri<3
      but sound MIX chinese+korean for me haha like like!

      'You make me feel so real'
      'REALLLL' <—- LOL xD ROFL! her voice
      Can't wait for the full MV CF & SONG!

      .. im sound crazy now.. should go sleep zZzzZZz! ki~~

  6. hm..couldn’t tell it was chinese until i read the comments

  7. im excited, hyori is soo pretty in this cf
    the song reminded me of invincible lol

  8. im so excited,they’re teasing with all this hyoriness *__* i need more!!! thanks for posting aska ^___^

  9. wheee, i’m so excited!!!! so cute, so hot too!!

  10. cannot wait for the full mV…^_^
    thank you for sharing.

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