[Video] FO Ep.60 – Kookri Phone Call CUT (Eng Subbed)

Kookri Moments from FO ep 60


Family & Jong Kookie teases Hyori

after she said she would date Ji Sang Ryul 😛

credit: KJKGlobal


10 Responses

  1. can someone let me know why when Jongshim talk about Dong Wan (Shinwa) Shi Yeon and everybody yelled at him?

  2. lol dong wan was probaby shi yeon’s ex

  3. NO eric was shi yeon ‘s ex
    and since dong wan is from shinhwa too so shi yeon cant date him, hehe
    since Park hae jin knows song seung hoen too, and that actor is so HOT so it would be a hot couple if hae jin introduce him to hyori, but hyori cant date him cause he was sung yuri’s ex.

  4. haha its so funny how jongkook holds the cell hahaha

  5. hahaha this video is so funny xD

  6. Mrs.Sang Ryul .. haha

    but KJK was worried about her .. xD

  7. kjk oppa was totally jealous.haha

  8. Agree… Kook Jong… just say you are jealous! LOL

    Why so serious? kikiki

  9. pfft, Jong Kook is obviously jealous. 8D

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