[Eng Subbed] HYOLEE – OTR Ep.9

>> Hyolee – Off The Rec <<

( EP-9 )



By HyoleeSubs

Translation: startoxic

Timer: skyruler, Barbie1r || Editor: aska0510, Barbie1r || Encoder/Uploader: Barbie1r

6 Responses

  1. sky chingu, so this is your 1st work, go sky chingu, hahaha
    anw, i loveeee hyori unnie so so much, she is soo down to earth, love her with her cats.
    thanks alice, bie, ask and the whole tea, keke

  2. ash: its jz abit of timing lol…hope can do more..bie,aska,alice and the rest did the important parts..

    ep9 alrd guys…gonna reach ep12 soon…then this will b our 1st completed series!!woohoo!!

  3. hi guys.. thank you so much for doing all this hard work. Really, really appreciate all you’ve done especially for us non korean fans. you just dont knw how you all really makes us happy seeing and understanding updates on our star.

    I’ll forever be supporting you all…

    again, thank you all so much *hugs*

    i ❤ hyori 🙂

  4. Funny she didn’t seem to know how to cook much on OTR, but on FO she’s a cooking queen. So cute when she plays with her cats.

    btw…good job Sky 😀

  5. thanks for subbing/sharing! 😀

  6. YAY! Can’t wait for the download version and for the rest to come out as well.

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