[PIC] Hyori AT Gucci event (20P)


(Aug 20, 2009)

Today at 7PM (Korea time), Lee Hyori attended Gucci Fall/Winter collection exhibition hold in Seoul Sheraton Hotel.


15 Responses

  1. She has aura .. haha ( look like electric girl with red hair )
    thx for pics … ^^

  2. Her thighs looked super skinny at the 2nd last and last pic… nice pics

  3. ooo our girl rarely has misses but this is definitely one of them. too much sparkliness– she should’ve just stuck w/ the top (but not really) or the leggings.

    makeup is fabulous though!

  4. She’s really Beautiful , i like her a lot !!!

  5. and about outfit . I really like it ..i disagree with someone saying about leggings .They hot and shiny !!!!

  6. pretty pictures 😀

  7. I love her hair here more because it swept to the side, instead of just parted in the middle.

    I actually like the sparkly top..just didn’t like the pumpkin like fold at the bottom ^_^

    Wooo all silver except her bow.

  8. Oh I see grey contact lens! Hot! ^^

  9. Gucci, HOT HOT HOT
    park shi yeon, lee chun hee, kim min joon, kwon sang woo and a lot of stars were there too
    hyori unnie loveee you soooooooooo much.

  10. hawtness is HYORI!!….man, will ppl look at the runway wen hyori is in the crowd??!!!

  11. damn she’s hot !

  12. damn ! she’s HOT for a 30 year old woman !

  13. Her heel!!!! O.o
    Our hyol so pretty & sexy! xD and very tall today lol

  14. very sophisticated

  15. She outshines her outfit!! looking even more gorgeous with every new post! 🙂

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