[PIC] Hyori – GUESS Jeans ‘RED PROMOTION’ (7P)




10 Responses

  1. Holy moly hotnessss! Sexy much?
    Much candy for my eyes (I mean the girl and maybe 1 or 2 guys) ^_^

    2nd pic..the guys look like they want to devour her o_0
    4th pic…her gaze kills me..dies. I think the guy laying on the car just died by her gaze lol.

    I want hyori with that guy holding her in 6th pic…..that’s just too sexy couple.


  2. haha sexy sexy 😀
    all the guys are probably SOO happy to work with hyori [x

  3. JEALOUS !!

  4. Phew… HOT!!!
    The guys were all eyes on Hyori, they are like nosebleed + drooling + fainting. hahaha

  5. ahhhhhhhhh love love love it, i love it million times, those guys are milllion x better than Peter Pan right? omg omg this makes me feel so hot, i forgot my beloved danri for a moment, sorry danri but those guys and hyori are too hot for me, omg i love the car pic, i dont like the car but i love the concept, a halk naked man was lying there and looked at her, wowoow hot hot and hot, i am speechless now, hotttttttt

  6. Ohh..my god . I wanna do Her ..so delisious ,sexy and erotic.
    I have such an feelings for her .I just wanna touch her ,eat her .
    and spank her , lol …She is so soft and tasty . I am speech less . I have so many fantasies of being with her .that i am losing my mind . I just lost my mind looking at that hot photos .I just wanna see her in my arms . and be her lover and protector or sexy man ..i just so emotional rights now .She is goddess of this earth . And i just want her so much right now .

    I wanna have Hyori desperately !!

  7. I just can’t stop staring at her . I am so crazy for her…
    My .oh …my…I just depressed that i cant have her.
    She is soft, sexy, cute and just i don’t know.

    I wanna hold her touch her……….HYORI IS SO ..SO BEAUTIFUL that i can’t sleep anymore !!!!

  8. And i want to kiss her everywhere too !!!
    I am so crazy/insane for Hyori . I NEED HER so much …
    i am going crazyyy…….

  9. hottest ever !!!

    i wanna be a man in there LOL

    hyori nuna jjang !!!

  10. hyori so smexy…
    her S-line is coming back…LOL

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