[Video] Hyori – GUCCI FW Collection Fashion Show



7 Responses

  1. Hyori was sitting next to park shi yeon and at her right, it was ryu seung bum´s gf i think, actress gong hye jin, she knows hyori very well too, next to park shi yeon is lee dong gun´s ex, and next to her is lee chun hee and next to chun hee is lee ki woo,
    and at the other side next to gong hyo jin is the best friend of Daniel henney oppa, actress jung hye won, OMG OMG so many top starssssssss, Hyori jjang, my hyori sure stood out, hohohohoho

  2. wowow…. si-yeon and hyori both hot… sexy back on si-yeon

  3. Hahaha ashlee…i didn’t even recognize those ppl (actually I don’t even know them ;P) You’re good!

    Cute cute the FO girls are side by side = )

  4. Aw, Hyori and Shiyeon. ^^

    Hehee, the camera was on Hyori for more than a few secs. She looks cute with her headband. ^^

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