[News] Seungri will fill in for Daesung on Family Outing

Fellow Big Bang member Seungri in for Daesung

Big Bang member Seungri will participate in “Family Outing” instead of Daesung who was hospitalized due to a car accident.

On the 24th of this month, Seungri will fill in for Daesung and record “Family Outing” for one night and two days at an undisclosed location in Kangwon-Do.

“Seungri will fill in for Daesung as a fellow Big Bang member,” said “Family Outing”‘s Jang Hyuk Jae PD on a telephone inteview with Money Today Star News. “He will record one episode for now (two episodes’ worth on TV). After that we will see how Daesung is doing and make further decisions later.”

Jang PD also said “The cast and crew are all worrying [about Daesung] and we hope he recovers and reunites with the ‘Family’ soon.”

Credit:  Omona / source: Daum

//…..That will be 4 of 5 Big Bang on FO…only my fave Bebe has not been on it hoo hoo ^_^


8 Responses

  1. OMG!!!!
    it just sucks that daesung isn’t gonna be there T____T
    cause daesung would bully the other bb members when they go on =/

    get well soon daesung!

  2. ahh thx for news … yeah they ‘ll be there together ..

    daesung fighting !!

  3. AHHH!! Seungriiiii =DDD
    It’s really too bad that’s under these circumstances that another BB member is going to be on FO…

    I bet that when Daesung will be back he’ll critizise Seungri hahahaaha I’m gonna miss him…

  4. wowwwww

    very very good news !!!

    seungri always wanna be in FO and now finally !!!


  5. OMGGGGGGGGGG i cant believe this, wowowowoowowow this is awesome, ahahaha

    i love teayang toooooooo , i hope he would come too, hohoho, hahaha

  6. lolol but at least seungri does have some comedy in him ><

  7. poor dae, read about the accident! catching up w/ hyo-related-news as we speak.
    btw, tae yang is my fave as well!

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