[PIC] Hyori during shooting ‘LeeSsang MV’ {Fancam} (3P)

It’s LeeSsang MV!!! (^^’)

6 Responses

  1. wow wow wowww … so close !!!
    CF CF … ^^

    but i need FO t-t ..

  2. Wondering what kind of CF she’s filming…
    She looks lonely in the pics…

  3. she looks so lonely =/
    she can roam around by herself??
    what if she doesnt know her way around?
    lol i see korean in the last picture

  4. omg it’s lee sang’s mv, coolllll, i cant wait for this, yes my unnie looks lonely, i dont like it., but it’s for a mv.
    cant wait, yoyo

  5. 😀 another mv 😛
    shes starring in an artists mv 😀 cant wait 😛

  6. Aww poor hyori…looks like she got stood up on a coffee date.

    Anyone knows when this MV is coming too?
    Mo hyori videos mo better:D

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