[News] SS501 Leader, Kim Hyun Joong is next FO guest (6P)

Kim Hyun Joong

[Guest for Family Outing Eps. 64-65]

(Expected Air Date: Sept. 20 & 27) Filming Aug 24 & 25

Kim Hyun Joong will be the guest the week Seungri fills in for Daesung. We all know Hyun Joong has always said his dream girl (or ideal girl) is Hyori. They should be close as Hyori is SS501’s close sunbae, she’s even  invited him over to her parent’s home for New Year’s in the past. Even her dad teased the way he dressed when they appeared on Star Life Story and joked he didn’t remember Hyori had brought Hyun Joong over at all 😛

Really can’t wait for this ep for some potential ~Ri couple moments. But the last 2 ~Ri couple candidates Eps (Top & Lee Junki), who were supposed to have crushes on her were disappointing. There were barely any interaction between them and Hyori at all.

Hope Hyun Joong and Hyori will get some quality airtime together or do something to make Jong Kook jealous keke ^_^

This pic, cred: Chui, Don’t Take Out


21 Responses

  1. I’m so excited for this epi!! ^__^

  2. eeek, so excited!!! I can’t wait to see it!!

  3. is e last pic real? it looks edited

  4. i was thinking about Hj as a guest in FO last time.. I never imagined it will be happen. OMO! so excited to wait and I even tell all my fwens about this. huhu


  5. I knewwwwwwww itttttttt
    i knew that this would be happened, omg so cute, i saw the news at the other website and i was like, omg omg excited excited, hyun joong ‘s dream has come true, keke

  6. haha,,so clear who invited hyunjoong in…BB n SS501 around hyori..wonder wil it be like gd n dae epi….double kiss!!!…hope hyunjoong wont disappoint…so want to c more hyo moments!

  7. this are huge news…heheee…cannot wait fo this episode too…
    all hyori men related are in FO…daniel henney, rain, top, lee junki, maybe someday men from cf will coming too like jang dong gun…^_^

  8. Omo omo omo
    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be the bomb!!!!!!!!!! It’s been a while since an exciting guest is coming!!!

    The games are going to be intense. We all know how competitive those 2 are. XDDD

  9. From all of the women linked to him I like lee hyori the most…This is gonna be exciting!!!!

  10. hahaha im so excited for this too!

    but seeing the way TOP & junki were so distanced from her when they appeared, there might not be much interaction between hj & hyori too ):

    i guess they’re trying to avoid rumours? i hope tt isn’t the case though, i want to see them interacting! :D:D

  11. lol im not a big fan of kim hyun joong but he’s okay i guess ..
    i just hope hyori will have even more on-screen time :DD

  12. it seems like all my favorite idols are here…lol

  13. Omo,im soooooooo gonna watch this!BTW i havent seen that vid(singing together).any link?

  14. can’t hardly waitttttttttttttttt…. ;p

  15. i just want to see jong kook and hyori again >.< they are a cute couple..hahahaha

  16. cant wait!!!1

  17. i’d love 2 c kjk oppa get jealous
    but i wanna C more kookri moments

  18. WHere did you get the picture in the end from / I like it a lot. I didn’t know that they have a photo together like that ….!!
    Do you know where i can find the eng sub for hyori star story from. I really want to see it but i dont understand at all
    Please help me …Thank you very much

  19. i dont like hyun joong to hold that girl

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